services proposés neolithe maconnerie

Our services are focused on the stone: renovation, construction, stone work, plaster and insulation

The renovation :

Securing the building and the building site, demolitions and cleaning, extensions, openings, wooden floor floors, slabs, plaster, slabs, stone and terracotta floors, lime concretes, crack treatment, masonry repairs, facade renovations, repointing, restoration of stone works, rebuilding of roof structures and roofs ...
The construction:


  • Any new construction
  • earthworks
  • foundations
  • reinforced concrete structure
  • hourdis
  • slabs
  • coatings
  • extensions
  • garage
  • shed
  • fence walls
  • gate pillars



Specialists of the Work of the Stone, we highlight the utility of the material and its specificities in the service of your project.
We propose to build, rehabilitate or maintain all types of stone constructions. We recommend for this specific masonry, the implementation of different lime mortars.

A quality stone construction uses the techniques of the limousinerie, and gives authenticity, aesthetics and a long life to the construction. NeoLithe has acquired its know-how for 10 years in various companies in several regions in France, and through archaeological research on specific sites.
Thus, we are able to master the entire process of stone work, quarrying to size and laying on site.

We carry out any construction or restoration in stone (dry stone structure, stone facing, rockfill, etc.). We will carry out any project of opening in old walls.
Our main objectives are the security of the work (cleaning and protections, masonry retakes). In addition, we will get rid of any traces of cement that could damage the frame

The "stone-view" coating can be the solution of restoration and safeguarding, because while preserving the stamp of the stone, it allows the protection of the wall and stones most worn by the time, by guaranteeing the sufficient breathing of the wall coated.
For lovers of the "apparent stone", and repointing with lime mortar, we suggest you to make stone joints on any surface of facades or other.

The coating: protect, isolate and decorate:

The coating corresponds to the layers of mortar applied to the building materials: stone, terracotta, raw earth, concrete block ...

Its purpose is to protect the support against physical and climatic aggressions. The aesthetic function is achieved by the color and appearance of the mortar. The coating is a guarantee of durability for all masonry works. We perform all types of traditional coatings on all modern substrates such as concrete blocks, insulating bricks, cellular concrete etc.

For the maintenance, the safeguarding of the old frame and for all construction in stones, briquettes of earthenware, or of mud, we guarantee the implementation of a suitable coating. In order to protect these building materials, it is necessary to realize a perspiring coating, because it allows the evaporation of the water contained in the grounds. Otherwise, the degradation of building materials is inevitable and may cause unsanitary concerns. We will use in this case a lime mortar. If the lime plaster has perspiring properties, combined with other materials it also has insulating capabilities.

We also produce custom and decorative finishes with all types of materials such as lime, earth, plaster and so on. We work the plaster on the site to restore your ornaments such as cornices, moldings or rosettes, or workshop on command.

The use of these materials requires know-how. Depending on your needs, we will determine the implementation of mortars and accurate binding-granulate dosages, corresponding to the type of support, its environment, its exposure ... At your listening, we will advise you.

The insulation:

We will study your project, establish a diagnosis, and together determine the appropriate materials to achieve your energy and "economic" goals. We offer you, through the combined use of specific materials and coatings, to make insulation gains.

"Comfort and thermal performance" is, for us, the comfort felt in terms of heating and insulation, thanks to the inertia of materials such as stone or earth, or comfort in terms of health and safety thanks to the perspiration of lime or earth mortars.