enduits maçonnerie néolithe

Coatings and finishes: final and essential touches

  • solid coatings and its different finishes
  • lime
  • finish coatings, fine, stucco, colors ...: earth, lime, plaster

The functions, the utility of the plaster (utility aspect, decorative aspect)
Advantages over the deco coating ready-to-use: without cement = perspirancy, same appearance of finish, possibility of tinting
Different materials: lime-sand, earth, plaster

Role and function of the coating:

The coating is intended, from the outset, to protect the support against physical and climatic aggressions and to ensure the impermeability of the building.
The aesthetic function is achieved by the color and appearance of the mortar of the topcoat. It does not have a structural role.
The coating is a guarantee of durability for all masonry structures of small elements or supports resulting from filling techniques.
It also contributes to the airtightness of the building. It allows to waterproof and therefore protect, isolate and decorate.

Exterior coatings:

Today, we notice the damage caused by cement-based plaster that does not breathe the walls of our homes: living rooms with high humidity at the bottom of walls for example. These coatings are the cause of a degradation of the frame, but also of the bad quality of the ambient atmosphere of the house.
Our primary mission is to rid your home of all materials that prevent the walls from breathing properly. Then we apply three passes of lime plaster, respecting the DTU standards.

We offer all types of exterior coatings, traditional, or rustic, with lime.
The lime plaster is sufficiently waterproof to protect a wall from the elements. It will prevent it from deteriorating too quickly over time. In addition, unlike the plaster based on any cement, lime plaster is breathable, it allows moisture to escape the wall and thus preserve it.
The lime plaster also has insulating properties, or thermal correction, and even more so if it incorporates hemp for example.
The decorative nature of the plaster: we can make any type of finish (...), we can also customize the plaster using pigments that offer a wide range of possible colors.

Interior ornaments and coatings: lime, earth, plaster, decorative paints:

Lime = stucco, colored plaster, frescoes
Earth = colored plasters, fiber plasters, stuccoes, clay paints
Plaster = utility plasters, colored coatings, smoothed coatings, scraped coatings, stone stucco, staff
We offer all kinds of interior coatings and decorative finishes based on healthy and efficient materials such as lime, plaster or earth. Rustic fiber plasters with the most delicate and sophisticated finishes. Everything is imaginable in terms of textures and effects. This is for us to create beautiful indoor environments while ensuring a quality of execution applied.