bandeau travail de la pierre, néolithe maçonnerie

The work of stone (limousinerie) and lime provide different benefits:

  • Authenticity, durability, aesthetics
  • Siding: imitate by limiting the cost
  • Constructions in dry stones (fence walls, flower beds ...)
  • Stones-views plaster is a solution for restoring old walls, at a lower cost. This technique has several objectives:
  • Preservation of the stamp, aestheticism (visible stones), aesthetics (red sand)
  • backup, solidification, protection (protective layer of mortar)
  • Grouting: all surfaces: stamp, aesthetics


We propose to realize any construction in stones:

  • Longevity, authenticity, respect of old buildings, aesthetics
  • Know-how acquired in different regions, different tools and techniques
  • Quarry extraction, flow, up to laying: always laden with lime
  • Different devices
  • Any work in tdp (thermal envelope)
  • Siding, dry stones


We also propose to save, maintain or restore any stone construction:

  • return masonry, remove and install lintel or any size
  • PV coating: principles, benefits of PV: protect while retaining the seal
  • the repointing of any stone construction: maintenance, restoration
  • the cleaning, decoiling of cement coatings systematically jeopardizing the construction (frost, sealing (weakening of the frame ...), saltpeter, mold (discomfort, unhealthy ...)